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Heat rises in Cairo

Heat rises in Cairo Egypt is set to explode. When and how is dependent on who pulls the trigger and why. Those who had the opportunity to peruse the previous article came to quickly understand that Egypt has galloped to … Continue reading

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الحوريه و الدخان

كان صاحبنا، منذ الطفولة، مفكر بطبيعته، عاطفي و عطّاء و حسّاس لدرجة مؤلمة. كان شيء ما بداخله يحرك مشاعر المودة في الأخرين و لكن لعنه القدر برؤية واضحة للأمور منذ السنين الأولي للمراهقة. فهم مبكراً المعني الحقيقي للمقوله الشكسبيرية الشهيرة … Continue reading

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Women: A Critical National Asset For Egypt

Aug 15 2014 Ny , Originally Published HERE Women are vital to the success of all nations. No country can rise to the upper rungs of the developed world without its women. Countries that recognize this fact race ahead of … Continue reading

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The Orange Ball

                                                                     The Orange Ball It was a … Continue reading

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Hope lost. Hope Regained.

The fish almost glittered among a beautiful background of greenary and nothing else. The dish beckoned and he obayed. Midway through the 3rd bite he was also digesting the news of the demise of one of the great inetllectuals responsible … Continue reading

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Astronaut’s Daughter

Sometimes a road trip can bring existential Clarity Continue reading

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Rape in Tahrir

Published in Muftah Magazine Jun 10 2014. Click here for link .   Nations do not devolve suddenly. The process is insidious, interconnected, and complex but often leaves welts on a country’s soul. In the past three years, Egypt has … Continue reading

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