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الحوريه و الدخان

كان صاحبنا، منذ الطفولة، مفكر بطبيعته، عاطفي و عطّاء و حسّاس لدرجة مؤلمة. كان شيء ما بداخله يحرك مشاعر المودة في الأخرين و لكن لعنه القدر برؤية واضحة للأمور منذ السنين الأولي للمراهقة. فهم مبكراً المعني الحقيقي للمقوله الشكسبيرية الشهيرة … Continue reading

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Souls Lost. Souls remembered

The idea forced its way to the surface: whether one person reads this, or 1 million, the soul I mourn must be remembered. Regardless of your beliefs two facts are universal: we are born and at some point in our … Continue reading

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Hope lost. Hope Regained.

The fish almost glittered among a beautiful background of greenary and nothing else. The dish beckoned and he obayed. Midway through the 3rd bite he was also digesting the news of the demise of one of the great inetllectuals responsible … Continue reading

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The Ghost

‘It’ came to visit a friend, a friend who as it turns out, is dearer to her than she thought. Life, and its travailles, had put the miles of modern life and its entanglements between them. So while sitting at … Continue reading

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