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A message from ‘Islamic State’ to Al-Sisi

A message from ‘Islamic State’ to Al-Sisi By Amr Khalifa The sun rose in Cairo on Saturday morning with a fury: another explosive message from “Islamic State” to Al-Sisi. The attack on a building, associated with the Italian consulate, left … Continue reading

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Mahmoud Mohamed: Egypt’s birthday boy behind bars

Originally Published here To lose one’s freedom is tragic. To have a childhood locked behind bars is soul destroying. Mahmoud Mohamed’s is such a tale. Mahmoud was a typical Egyptian boy whose interests, most certainly, did not include politics when the Egyptian … Continue reading

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Cynicism par excellence: American arms flow to Egypt

While 40,000 + Egyptian political prisoners languish in prison Sisi is rewarded by the release of the remainder of 1.3 billion in military aid by the Obama adminstration and that is no April Fool’s joke. Many in the Sisi camp will rejoice … Continue reading

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