Rabaa: HRW , What are you hiding Sisi ?

When I was a young boy my mother taught me, early on, that those who tell the truth have nothing to fear.

I strongly suspect strongman Sisi was taught the same by his mother. It is apparant that he hasnt learned the lesson. Today, at Cairo airport, two senior staff, affiliated with the indepdent group, Human Rights Watch were denied entry into Egypt. This denial is no accident and its timing, in close proximity to the first anniversary of the Rabaa Massacre is an umistakable admission of guilt by the Sisi regime. Those who rule the land are fully aware of the magnitude of the crimes committed on that fateful day Aug. 14 2013. But, much more importantly, they dont want you, the reader, to conceptualize the full force expended to kill Egyptians on that day.

The fact that Human Rights Watch is the most respected H.R organization worldwide and Egypt fears it as evidenced by today’s denial of entry can only confirm the worst fears of human rights defenders worldwide. The facts are supported by multiple articles by AP, Reuters, NY Times and the Christian Science Monitor relying on highly factual accounts and numbers and they say : there was an intentional massacre committed one year ago to signal the beginning of a campaign to eliminate the Muslim Brotherhood from the political milieu.

No matter one’s feelings for political Islam one thing is certain: the shedding of blood never fixed any nation’s problems- it has only increased them.


About Amr Khalifa

An analyst, a political comentator on the uber complex Egyptian and MENA scene. I may not have every answer but I know the questions to ask. When not publishing in Ahram Online, Mada Masr, Daily News Egypt and Muftah I love the dynamic of the short story. If you adore the written word you have come to the right place. Pull up a chair and join me for a cup of literary tea.
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