Rabaa: The Egyptian Bloodbath

360 days ago Abdel Fatah el Sisi became the biggest killer in modern Egyptian history. Hate him or love him but numbers dont lie. Even as an Egyptian and as a journo who found Muslim Brotherhood rule distastful that day will, always and nontheless, live in a hellish corner of my mind. The most conservative estimate of Egyptians killed on Aug. 14th 2013 is near 1000 But the bloodbath I speak is the murder of the Egyptian moral scale . The vice, the rhetoric and the justifications flowed before Aug. 14th and have continued since. For nations to flourish there must be an honesty. The honesty I speak of is an honesty of self appraisal. You can not lose your way and stand before the mirror of history and claim all is well. That is Sisi’s responsibility : not merely the near 3000 killed in his brief era but the large assist in the murder of the moral sensor of the nation.

Egypt today stands a mere 5 days from the 1st anniversary of Rabaa. So long as we continue to deceive ourselves about this moral crime the nation has zero hope of ever unifying again.

Look at history and tell me of one nation climbing history’s ladder without unity and without self honesty.

I didnt think so.


About Amr Khalifa

An analyst, a political comentator on the uber complex Egyptian and MENA scene. I may not have every answer but I know the questions to ask. When not publishing in Ahram Online, Mada Masr, Daily News Egypt and Muftah I love the dynamic of the short story. If you adore the written word you have come to the right place. Pull up a chair and join me for a cup of literary tea.
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