Child Abuse in Egyptian Orphange

The innocence of children, one would think, would strangle an evil instinct within an adult to pysically harm a child. One would be incorrect in assuming so. Today, all over Egyptian media and social networks, a horrific 1 year old video made the rounds of a man, with a criminal record, abusing multiple children proving that morality sleeps where corruption reigns in an antiquated Egyptian system of checks and balances.

But why should we be suprised? Human rights in Egypt have been a mirage for decades and so this video becomes but a natural extension of reality where a human life, and its accordant rights, are non exisestant. The fact that this man, now or a week from now, will lie in jail does not change the fact that the vulnerable in our society have muted voices. Cries for change in a society struggling to survive the daily travailles are barely emited. Defeat is not an option but a reality and the only way to begin to change it is with an internal revolution-political revolutions having failed us misreably.

So when you pray today, when you hug your child today, dont blame the criminal. Blame the decaying system that is deaf, dumb, and mute.


About Amr Khalifa

An analyst, a political comentator on the uber complex Egyptian and MENA scene. I may not have every answer but I know the questions to ask. When not publishing in Ahram Online, Mada Masr, Daily News Egypt and Muftah I love the dynamic of the short story. If you adore the written word you have come to the right place. Pull up a chair and join me for a cup of literary tea.
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